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CEO Message

There’s an old expression that says “many hands make light work.” When people pull together with a shared energy and purpose, good things happen more easily. This year was marked by that spirit of pulling together. Even in the face of a continued pandemic and its many challenges, Divert NS’ employees, partners and stakeholders worked collectively to advance the culture of refusing  to waste in Nova Scotia.

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Divert NS
Divert NS

About Us

For over 25 years, Divert NS has helped drive the culture of recycling in Nova Scotia. We operate recycling programs for beverage containers and used tires — and work in partnership with business, like-minded environmental organizations, government and academia to foster stewardship, fund innovation, educate Nova Scotians, and support municipal waste programs province-wide. Divert NS is always seeking opportunities to improve our province’s environment and economy. We believe Nova Scotians are ready to take on the challenge of changing our culture from one that recycles to one that refuses to waste.

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Strategic Plan Overview

Every organization needs a destination, and a map to get there. Divert NS’s five-year strategic plan will help us to better guide management and board priorities. We view the plan as a living document, adaptable to our ever-changing new realities. It will be reviewed and updated as we evolve.

Strategic Statement: Be the lead organization on key solid waste-resource issues by stimulating innovation to advance environmental action and efficiency improvements.


Enabling new opportunities and approaches to waste diversion and reduction


Fostering industry stewardship to reduce or divert waste from landfills and encouraging Nova Scotia’s culture of refusing to waste

Catalyst for Change

Creating relationships built on trust, leading by example, and bringing together environmental change-makers


Counting on Success: Our Accomplishments in 2021-22

Divert NS Funding at a Glance

$9.6 million
to Nova Scotia’s 50 municipalities for diversion credits and funding for local recycling, composting and other programs

$2 million
to educate Nova Scotians and build ongoing support for environmental action (includes allocation to regions)

$304 thousand
Approved for new research projects that support entrepreneurs and encourage innovation in waste reduction

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Divert NS

Revenue and Expenditures 2021-22

Divert NS
Divert NS